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Work without battery. Well, the third point that follows from the second is the interaction of liquid and gas from a cylinder with air after spraying and the possible release of a number of harmful substances in the process.
Some atomizer internals If they want for the future, I would still wish for a built-in battery and charging from usb :), and it would also be cool to embed an RGB LED somewhere near the atomizer so that it illuminates the aerosol jet, you would get a beautiful effect when working. To install in a diffuser, you need to get the atomizer with a supply tube from the latter and screw it onto a bottle of liquid.
In my opinion, the setting should be started with the Set key, the first thing you will be asked to set is the sprayer response interval, the interval indicates in minutes in the range from 1 to 90, to change the interval, as in all other settings, use the < button br /> After setting the interval, you will need to set the current time (separate hours, minutes separately) and the current day of the week. The second point is the same chemists, there are a lot of people for whom the use of artificial flavors is unacceptable.
The front cover is hinged and the lock is made on a pair of magnets, under the cover there is a battery compartment (D format battery), a place for installing a container with liquid and a control display with buttons. In total, three work schedules can be configured.
According to the tradition of this manufacturer, the marking on the chips is either worn out or has never been applied. I would like to offer to your court a review of an unusual device in my opinion, the manufacturer positions it as a kind of mixture of an automatic air freshener and an aromatherapy device, in a word, meet SVAVO PL-151090 /> An alternative to such aerosols are all sorts of variations of air fresheners based on essential oils, here you have both naturalness and the ability to combine, choosing your own fragrance. Inside the control board and compresses wrapped with a layer of foam rubber.
For began a few words about the problem of air fresheners. And this is how the fragrance is sprayed, the sound of the pump is almost inaudible. When working according to the schedule, the device starts spraying the fragrance in the first minute after the schedule is turned on and then after a specified period of time until the schedule is turned off. After pressing the Mode button, you need to enter for each schedule: start time
work schedule, end time of the schedule and select the days of the week on which the schedule will work. After setting the time and interval of work, you can set up work schedules.
But there are also disadvantages, the main one, perhaps, is the possibility of allergies, it is also worth noting that often the smell is rather weak in itself and does not spread over a long distance from the container, which means that it is necessary to perform certain actions (shake bottles, burn candles, soak something or just use a mechanical atomizer) to enhance the spread of the fragrance. Taking into account the capacity of the batteries D starts from 3000 mAh, we get that one battery should be enough for about 45-50 days of standby time. I apologize in advance for the spelling and grammar of the text, all the mistakes made were not made on purpose, but only out of ignorance and due to the imperfection of automatic text checking programs. I think it is now difficult to find a person who has never encountered an aerosol air freshener.
But what is interesting is the presence of a 5.5V 2.5 farad ionistor on the board.
The place for the battery is additionally closed by another cover.
JRB2431290 marked separately on the motor housing Turning the operating mode on or off, if the button is pressed, the screen will display Off instead of On and the sprayer will temporarily stop spraying schedules. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
And already inside this box is the diffuser itself, instructions, a container for aroma liquid and fasteners for wall mounting. 2. .
There is an additional removable platform on the rear stack of the device with its help the diffuser can be mounted on the wall, for desktop use this wall is best removed, the appearance of the back side will only benefit from this. Also, all sorts of devices have long entered our lives, capable of pressing a button in a bottle at a given interval of time and turning an ordinary freshener bottle into an automatic spray device 🙂 Inner world Good afternoon everyone!

Automatic aroma diffuser SVAVO PL-151090

The display has a built-in backlight, so if you really need it, you can adjust it in the dark.
Mounting inside the diffuser only due to rubber seals. But on the other hand, simple does not always mean bad, so in general, the manufacturer turned out to be quite a worthy device. Using buttons from left to right:
The stored energy is enough for the atomizer not only to endure the battery replacement without resetting the settings, but even to spritz with the fragrance once. Set – Sets the current time, day of the week, and trigger periods for the sprayer. The thing is quite convenient and, in principle, not very expensive, but according to many cons. 4. – enter a value when installing them.
After turning off the motor, the consumption does not start to fall immediately, but gradually and after about 3 minutes reaches 2.2 mA
As I wrote above, the display and 4 buttons are used to control the sprayer.
Energy consumption< /b> The disadvantages are usually tied to the line of fragrances of one manufacturer and incompatibility with cylinders from another manufacturer (if we talk about vending machines) or generally tied to fragrances that chemists came up with. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. The parcel came in a large cardboard box inside which there was another box wrapped in a bubble wrap. In any case, my home device liked it and found its place in the house. To open it, unscrew the four screws on the back of the case. 1.
The thickness of the entire device is about 7 cm.
There is a small plate at the bottom of the case, which says that the diffuser device is protected by a patent. Packaging and appearance The diffuser body is a square with a side of 16.5 cm.
Setting Small video review: 3.
Initially, when I looked at the description on the site, I thought that the device works by means of ultrasound or evaporation by heating, but it turned out to be much more commonplace a simple air compressor and sprayer, almost like an airbrush in an old Soviet vacuum cleaner, except that the size is smaller . Here is actually one of the options for solving problems when using essential oils and offers a device from the review. Actual life will depend on the intensity of the atomizer and the price of the battery. Mode – is responsible for setting the schedules of the device. Of course, it would be nice to add wifi, a radio and a flashlight to it, but even so, in my opinion, it’s not bad, it works, it pleases the nose, what more could you want.

Immediately under the balloon there is one through hole that is aligned with the brass insert on the hinged panel and allows you to fix the diffuser with an additional screw. Conclusions: On the one hand, the device is quite simple and there is nothing innovative in it. An anti-theft option when placed in crowded areas so that you cannot simply remove and
carry away, at least you need a screwdriver and a little time.
There is a small sticker on the corner of the box indicating the model of the device.
Air compressor JQB2438507 DC2V190711 And pluses, it is a pleasant smell in the room that many people like and helps to relax, and it can also partially or completely hide other smells if any.
The container for oil or oil-water mixture, or for any aromatic liquid is designed for 100 ml. and delivers closed with a lid. For shooting, the jet was additionally illuminated with a flashlight, otherwise it is not visible. By days of the week, you can select all weekdays, weekdays plus Saturday, or all days of the week. During the operation of the pump, the power consumption is 22.8 mA

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