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But here again a new sadness, the cost of such devices is not very lifting for me. And I wanted to listen to something on the computer. I knew about the midi format back in the distant 90s, when mp3 music on my computer slowed down, and download via dialup from 3kb speed when one song took almost an hour
time and how much money. On the front side of the device there is an information, monochrome screen, three buttons – A B C, and a scroll wheel – to select the required parameter, the wheel itself is also pressed to confirm the settings and move through the sections. Then the question would arise where to save this instrument, especially since a real piano occupies a lot of space in the apartment. So what to buy? EUREKA. let’s take a closer look at it Although I had a quite good discrete sound card installed in my computer, there was still a delay. And here another thought appeared, but it turns out that there are also midi devices.

MidiPlus miniEngine PRO sound module.
Well, the device itself was found in a separate bag. Well, at the expense of the sound quality of the instruments, I was pleased – these are not the electronic sounds that the midi format reproduced in the 90s. This is where the question arose of what to buy. 2- Pro – instrument selection – there are 127 standard midi in the controller set instruments and effects – about them a little later Upon arrival, I was puzzled, what is the easiest way to replace a computer? And here it turns out that the Chinese have also already made such a device. MIDIPLUS miniEngine PRO. The set of sounds is quite lively – here the piano already sounds like a piano. Who is interested in this topic, please under the cat. And the A B C buttons on the controller are needed as three presets – i.e. for example, when the “A” button is pressed, you will have the “organ” tool with reverb turned on, and on “B” – for example, just a piano, without any additional effects, the active button (preset) is highlighted.
3 – Rev – this is the setting of the reverb effect (echo) for which I xs, maybe someone wants to make the sound of the instrument more spatial, the degree or how much this effect will be present changes in the output sound. I’ll start, as always from the beginning, namely for what this contraption was bought. What can replace an electronic piano? Or a tale about how an instrument for music lessons was selected.

By default, on a conventional built-in sound card, you will hear the rather wretched sound of instruments that most mobile phones reproduced in the early 2000s. Yes, and a child, there is a child – today he seems to be passionate about one occupation, and tomorrow he may not like doing it. The computer, receiving all this information, translates into sound, which is in the midi library of your computer. Well, let’s continue the review of the device itself But today there is simply a huge number of programs for midi instruments, a bunch of VST plugins – which can allow you to reproduce the actual live sound of any instrument. Capacity
The battery is stated to be 2500mAh, the operating time was about 2 hours (taking into account the fact that the midi keyboard itself was also powered by the controller. My daughter said that the sound is exactly the same as the electronic pianos that are in their music school. The device is turned on by long pressing the mirror power button, and by holding this button for a long time, the device turns off. The device came in an ordinary pimply film, and inside the box, a little shabby by the postal service, but all the contents of the box turned out to be intact. Next is the micro usb connector – it is here only for charging the midi controller itself, well, and the power button. Well, connecting the sustain pedals (when the key on the piano is no longer pressed, and when the pedal is pressed, the sound still continues to sound) this goes without saying. Prices started from $500 and up, and this is used. Also, midi instruments do not reproduce sound themselves, for such instruments a computer is needed, which, receiving information about which key is pressed, with what effort, whether the sustain pedal is pressed, etc. … In general, I was very interested in the following questions in this midi controller: I will not describe all 127 instruments that are present on this controller, because. words can’t describe it, but who will be interested – at the end there will be a video with a monitored controller, my daughter will play a short passage, which she is currently studying at a music school. Everything is nowhere else and there are no connectors. To an ordinary person, it will even be imperceptible by ear, but for musicians, even for beginners, these fractions of seconds will already be very disturbing. Briefly about the midi format: in fact, midi files do not carry any information about the sound itself, which is why the size of these files is so small, and midi files store only information about which instruments, on which channel and when they should play, which note with which how long to play and with what effect. Let me delve further into all these questions, and there my dear mother – so it turns out there are semi-weighted keys – i.e. when this physics of pressing a key is taken into account, but not completely, like on a piano, but only like a real piano. We connect our speakers to the headphone jack and go ahead. On the right side of the box, in a separate compartment, there was a cable for connecting midi instruments, according to the midi standard to the controller itself, by the way, I didn’t need it. my midi keyboard works via usb too. Now everything seems to be beautiful. But the problem is that I live far from the ground floor, and this tool will not fit into the elevator. There are such instruments, there are many of them – mainly electronic pianos, and there are also some models of synthesizers. What we have as a result is that we have a device that is completely independent of the computer, in fact the same electronic piano, but much cheaper and with much more features. 1 — does this controller take into account the degree of pressing the keys on the instrument? This is where ASIO drivers come to the rescue – I won’t go into the details of these drivers, but these drivers make it possible to bypass the signal coming from the midi instrument all the unnecessary hardware of the computer, which takes these precious hundredths of a second, and almost directly drive the signal from midi instrument to the output of your sound card, only there is one BUT – not all sound cards support the operation of these drivers, and universal ASIO drivers also work far from everywhere and not always, as we would like. Only despite the fact that modern processors in computers have become powerful enough to process a bunch of information on the go, for some reason, with a built-in sound card in a computer, the sound still plays with a lag – i.e. a key on the midi keyboard is already pressed, and the sound appears in hundredths of a second.
Inside the box there is a bunch of papers – a manual, plus some stickers and advertisements.
5 – And Mod – the modulation or howling effect of the instrument, as a rule, for example, on midi keyboards there is a wheel with the ability to add this effect. Piano delivery Of course, my review turned out to be quite rather big, and I managed to write a little about the device itself, but my review is more likely to be designed for those who, like me, suffer with the choice of purchase
instrument for your child, and there is no desire to buy a real – live instrument. Even then, with some good sound card (for example, Yamaha or SbLive), midi sounded very impressive. 2- does the sustain pedal take into account and the quality of the sound output from this midi controller was especially interesting. There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the device, thanks to which the device does not slip on smooth surfaces. Yes, as a result, the computer was set up, a good VST plugin was selected, even the music teacher highly appreciated the final result – and midi
the keyboard was approved for my child’s further activities. But then another problem arose. Well, okay, after all the ordeals, I began to select an instrument based on all these nuances. But when I began to delve into all the details of this seemingly simple device, a lot of nuances opened up here. Synthesizer. The screen displays information about the current volume level, the selected midi channel on which the controller will work – the channel on which the connected midi instrument will work from the connected device itself is selected, and there is also information about the level of charge of the built-in battery.

If you click on the scroll wheel, then we will get to other sections of the settings of this device
Manual in two languages ​​- Chinese and English are present. Well, the piano, so the piano, but after a couple of lessons my child needed this instrument at home, for classes. On YouTube there are reviews of these devices, but there is not a word about these issues, and I have not seen text reviews, by the way, that’s why I decided to write a review myself – suddenly it will come in handy for someone. Enable. I have been looking at this midi controller for a long time, but just a year ago this particular model of a midi controller cost twice as much, and then somehow I didn’t really want to buy it – my toad was stronger than my desire. It was then that midi files were downloaded, only 4-10 kB in size. And there are weighted keys – this is when practically pressing a synthesizer button has the same tactile sensation as on a real instrument, and even taking into account the fact that the bass keys are pressed a little differently than the keys on high tones. Today, on the review, as for me, the thing is quite original, I didn’t even find a section on the music where I can put my review. For example, I just spent more than one day of my time while I found answers to many questions that arose before me, until I came to this result. It is enough to install the plug-in and connect your midi device to the computer. In a word – these three buttons are more for convenience and do not carry a special semantic load. And the guitar sounds quite real (there are several guitars, including electronic ones). 4 – Pan – well, many will understand this anyway – this is the balance between the left channel and the right channel There are also on the sides of the display ( left and right) two indication LEDs: one USB – lights up if the signal comes from an external MIDI device, via USB, and the second – MIDI – lights up when there is any active signal from an external MIDI device via MIDI input. The controller takes into account the degree of pressing the keys and the sustain pedal – and in general, all the buttons of my midi keyboard were perceived adequately – everything worked, even the volume of the midi controller can be adjusted from the midi keyboard. I myself am not a musician and had no idea that it was not just necessary that the buttons be pressed and the sound of the piano come from the speakers – there are a lot of questions. As a result, a midi keyboard was bought for the child (initially, at 61 – a key, i.e. 5 octaves, over time it had to be changed, because all 7 are needed for music lessons
octaves, and most importantly, the very first key on the piano is not “DO”, but like “LA”, which is why the keyboard had to be subsequently changed to all 88 keys). What to do? Well, I want to eat a fish … Well, my result is another diploma in music for my child, which means that all this was not in vain. Yes, and the physics of pressing should also be taken into account, otherwise it will be impossible for a child to learn. Here there will be a slight digression from the review: Damn, no one can fix her computer, but you need to do it. And a cable for charging the midi controller itself is included – by the way (the controller itself) works absolutely autonomously, plus it can also power your midi instrument when connected via a USB interface. Somehow I had to leave home for just a couple of weeks, and as soon as I left the house, the child tells me that the computer does not turn on O_O. There is a headphone output on the front side (you can connect any active speakers accordingly).There is an input for connecting the bundled cable via the midi interface.Further (in the middle) there is a USB port, as I already and described that your midi instrument – piano, guitar, drums, violin, etc. midi devices can be powered through the same port.
At first glance, everything seems simple, a real piano nowadays can be found without problems, but not very expensive. In short, horror. Well, we connect our midi keyboard to our midi controller – our keyboard, as expected, was powered by the midi controller, the control LEDs on the keyboard lit up.
And it all started 5 years ago, when my child wanted to go to music school to study piano. Well, of course, it’s not a problem to hire movers and just like here In short, as you can see, there are a lot of muddies, despite the simplicity of the midi format. Namely: the synthesizer must take into account the degree of pressing these same buttons – i.e. when pressed lightly, the sound should
be not so loud and sharp, but quieter and smoother. I immediately checked
questions that interest me – 1.
1 – Vol – volume

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