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CH16 5.7980G CH17 5.780G CH17 5.780G CH18 5.785G G CH20 5.805G — button ( ) — scroll through the menu;
There is a pocket on the belt for the mask battery. —cramps. —antenna "clover" at 5.8Ghz.; Looks nice.
Characteristics: – mask dimensions – 168x158x105mm.;
Video review of this mask – button (M) – when pressed for a short time, the auto search for a signal is turned on, when held for 3 seconds. enter the menu for adjusting the brightness, constancy, clarity of the screen. That’s all I could show what I knew told. There are no problems with the sensitivity of the video signal, of course the antennas play a big role in this. The mask has a built-in video receiver with a working range of 5.8G
—video mask; The battery I use is 1000mA 3s (11- 12V) at this voltage, the mask will eat 300mA/h. — Earhone jack
— video standard: NTSC/PAL; – screen aspect ratio – 16:9. CH6 5.705G CH7 5.725G CH8 5.732G CH9 5.733G CH10 5.740G
On the side of the mask, we see three sockets for a 3.5mm plug.
Immediately when the battery is connected, we see the display of the incoming voltage (11.90V). – button (-) – scroll through the menu; The antenna has a rather soft braided leg. – resolution CH333 5.866G CH34 5.880G CH35 5.880G CH36 5.885G —mask weight — 258g. (but I did it without a battery – 318g.;
In the kit we get the antenna of circular polarization "Clover" for the operating range of 5.8Ghz. —strap for attaching the mask to the head;
CH21 5.806G CH22 5.809G CH23 5.820G CH24 5.825G CH26 5.828G CH1 5.645G CH2 5.658G CH3 5.665G CH4 5.685G CH5 5.695G
On the front panel you need to stick the crown that comes with the kit. CH27 5.840G CH28 5.843G CH29 5.845G CH30 5.847G CH31 5.860G
We connect the battery through the adapter-extension cable that was included. — operating voltage of mask power supply in the range from 7-15V (2s-4s); Hello, this time we will consider an inexpensive, but good in terms of workmanship and characteristics video helmet, "Eachine VR009", let’s compare it with pictures from the helmet monitor models VR-007, VR-008. Here is a box of video masks of Eachine VR009. — built-in video receiver has 40 channels; Pavel. The selected channel (5.705G) and below the channel auto search bar. CH37 5.905G CH38 5.917G CH39 5.925G CH40 5.945G CH11 5.745G CH12 5.752G CH13 5.765G CH14 5.769G CH15 5.771G —power adapter from XT to XT-60; Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
Special thanks to the Chinese for the powerful Velcro on a plastic basis, which is sewn to the belt. —audio-video adapter;
For fastening the mask on the head, in the kit we have a three-point belt of good quality.
On the top of the mask, we see the “XT” connector for filing
power supply, and three buttons to control the mask menu. —power consumption at 12V 300mA.

Eachine VR009 5.8G 40CH 800×480 5 Inch FPV Goggles

The mask lies perfectly on the face, comfortable and convenient, there are no large gaps, except for the nose. Complete set: Receiver frequency grid: – 5-inch display;

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