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Display settings And now I’m ready for my first review.
Sleep timer Manual Language Where to write (built-in, external) Factory settings I’ve been reading music for a long time. 2)Music Case back polished tin plate. To take up the description of this model was prompted by the fact that it has its very good sides. Artists Playback modes 3) Recordings (voice recorder) All, in a folder, repeats, ramdom. Amplifier – LM4890S Albums Sound settings Auto tuning However, they click sensitively, even through the case. The player that will be described, for some reason, is deprived of attention. Writing to card Noise canceling mode Audio books Rec Directories 1) Settings And so the model “HU31 Eifer” (information from the seller’s page), it is useless to search for this model in the search! Exceptional NoName! Recording library 4) FM radio The menu is simple, spartan, nothing superfluous (perhaps only the menu for reading e-books is out of place, with such a screen). Does not slip in the hand. Although it’s been out for a long time. Playlist content There was something to compare with (listened to Ruizu-x06 for a year).
Info I thought that after the large color screen of Ruizu x06, I would not see anything at all. Weight 55 grams. The bulk of the player gives the battery. The screen is black and white 1.2 inches, backlit by one white LED in the center (like a cheap watch). 6) Explorer…. Weight dimensions – 90mm 37mm 11mm. Equalizer (with installed presets), volume limitation, 28 languages, Russian inclusive. However, everything is very readable and most importantly informative. Custom Chip -ATJ 2127 Made – soft-touch plastic. Parameters: Button sound. 5) E-book…. Set the time. All songs Genres It will be uncomfortable until you get used to it. Brightness, turn-off time. Six main (root) sections, with their subfolders. FM radio tuner – 5807M The buttons are diagonal, a highly controversial design decision. Selecting the frequency of sampling (512, 768,1024,1536) The player in your pocket is easy to tactilely control. Playlists Selecting the recording format (WAV, MP3, ACT )

An overview of the MP3 player – everyday! It’s like a tarpaulin boot, nothing more!

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